EcoForte® portfolio

The EcoForte® portfolio consists of sustainable materials, halogen-free flame retardant polyolefins, reinforced performance materials, and peel compounds for multi-layer packaging.

EcoForte® sustainable solutions
The Compound Company can provide customers with EcoForte® grades made from renewable resources, such as bio-based, fossil based as well as biodegradable material. They are able to modify EcoForte® properties according to the requirements of the end-application by adding organic and inorganic fibers and additives. Additionally, recycled materials are used in EcoForte® grades. These materials can be upgraded for high-end applications.  Click here for more information about sustainable solutions of EcoForte®
Halogene free flame retardant polyolefins - EcoForte® FR
Ever tougher standards for flame retardancy and the demand for solutions with low environmental impact continue to drive the search for effective Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) solutions in polyolefins. Through many years of in-house development and cooperations with other industry experts, The EcoForte® team continues to develop HFFR concepts that provide a unique combination of excellent flame retardancy, good mechanical properties and smooth processing. Typical applications include roofing, wall cladding and aerospace.

Performance Materials - EcoForte® GF/NF/MF
It is increasingly critical to achieve the optimal balance of strength and impact resistance, good processing characteristics, and attractive economics for automotive and building & construction applications. Thanks to our state-of-the-art compounding infrastructure, The Compound Company is able to modify material properties by applying a broad range of glass/natural fiber reinforcements, impact modifiers, fillers and additives. Through close cooperation with our customers and extensive laboratory and on-site testing, The Compound Company has developed both generic and custom-made performance materials for a broad range of market sectors and applications.

Peel compounds for multilayer packaging - EcoForte® PF

Peel compounds are often used in multilayer packaging, typically in the skin layer of coextruded structures. Their purpose is to make the seal of plastic films easy to open. The peelable effect is formed by specific incompatibilities within the plastic material resulting in a predetermined breaking point. The Company Compounds’ EcoForte® PF compounds combine easy processing with just the right amount of peel resistance.

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EcoForte® portfolio
EcoForte® portfolio
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