EcoForte® is a family of thermoplastic compounds based on polyolefins. They are used as raw materials for the production of injection molded or extruded parts for various applications in industries such as Building & Construction, Automotive and Packaging.
Advantages of EcoForte® in a nutshell:
  • High performance in flame retardancy
  • Reliable processing properties
  • Optimal balance between mechanical properties, processing and economics
  • Production according to specification with consistent quality
Through close cooperation with our customers and extensive laboratory and on-site testing, The Compound Company has developed both generic and custom-made compounds.
EcoForte® portfolio
EcoForte® portfolio consist of sustainable grades, halogen-free flame retardant polyolefins (EcoForte® FR), reinforced performance materials (EcoForte® GF/NF/MF) and peel compounds for multi-layer packaging (EcoForte® PF).
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Custom made compounds portfolio
The Compound Company has a strong track record in compounds with improved aesthetics via colorants and special-effects additives or antimicrobial materials for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
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