We develop and produce polymers for multilayer packaging applications. Our portfolio consists of EcoForte® PF, a peel compound to make the seal of plastic films easy to open. And Yparex® extrudable adhesive resin for providing the adhesion between incompatible film layers.

EcoForte® PF
EcoForte® PF peel compounds are used in multilayer packaging, typically in the skin layer of coextruded structures. Their purpose is to make the seal of plastic films easy to open. The peelable effect is formed by specific incompatibilities within the plastic material resulting in a predetermined breaking point. EcoForte® PF compounds combine easy processing with just the right amount of peel resistance.
The benefits of EcoForte® PF in your packaging application:
  • Easy processing over a wide temperature range
  • Right amount of peel resistance in compound
  • EU- and FDA food approved

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