Building & Construction

The EcoForte® portfolio for the buiding & construction industry consists of halogen-free flame retardant polyolefins (EcoForte® FR) and reinforced performance materials (EcoForte® GF/NF/MF). 

EcoForte® FR
Tougher standards for flame retardancy and the demand for solutions with low environmental impact continue to drive the search for effective Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) solutions in polyolefins. Under the brand name EcoForte® FR, HFFR concepts have been developed that match the highest standards for Flame Retar- dancy (UL94 V0), while retaining good mechanical and processing properties. 

EcoForte® GF/NF/MF
With EcoForte® GF/NF/MF, The Compound Company is able to modify material properties by applying a broad range of glass fibres, rubbers, minerals, natural fibres and additives. In this way, it is possible to achieve the optimal balance of strength and impact resistance, good processing characteristics and attractive economics for applications in the building and construction industry.

Wall Cladding
In modern architecture, the use of aluminium is continuously growing. Increasingly modern buildings are designed and equipped with light weight sandwich panels consisting of a 5-layer structure of aluminium / Yparex® / EcoForte® FR / Yparex® / aluminium. Such structures offer a high quality, lightweight, durable and good looking siding solution.
More importantly, thanks to the EcoForte® FR core, they provide an environment friendly flame retardant which is required for modern offices and other commercial buildings.

Various EcoForte® products can be used in roofing solutions, for instance flame retardant artificial thatch. In addition, TPO based EcoForte® compounds with different degrees of flame retardancy are suitable for roof liners.
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Building & Construction
Building & Construction
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