Sustainability is an important topic on the agenda of our customers and of The Compound Company. The needs in the industries are to cut costs and at the same time grow by producing more efficient and creating greener products. The Ecoforte® experts support their customers by developing innovative solutions in products and services that create more value with less environmental impact.

Halogen free flame retardant polyolefins: EcoForte® FR
EcoForte® FR is a halogen free flame retardant polyolefin. This product range gives the customer a flame retardant solution with low environmental impact. Through many years of in-house development and cooperation with other industry experts, The EcoForte® team continues to develop Halogen free flame retardant concepts that provide a unique combination of excellent flame retardancy, good mechanical properties and smooth processing.
EcoForte® FR is often used in roofing applications to replace materials such as PVC or bitumen. A good example is the flame retardant artificial thatch.
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