Sustainability is an important topic on the agenda of our customers and of The Compound Company. The needs in the industries are to cut costs and at the same time grow by producing more efficient and creating greener products. The Ecoforte® experts support their customers by developing innovative solutions in products and services that create more value with less environmental impact. 

Sustainable solutions
The Compound Company focusses on the world of tomorrow and takes responsibility in the circular economy. By offering sustainable materials made from renewable resources we want to contribute to a better planet. We provide customers with EcoForte® grades made from renewable resources, such as bio-based, fossil based as well as biodegradable materials. EcoForte® properties can be modified according to the requirements of the end-application by adding organic and inorganic fibers and additives. Therefor we found a partner in HempFlax, a socially responsible and ethical company that gives back to the planet by offering consumers affordable natural hemp products. The synergy between HempFlax and EcoForte creates a sustainable and innovative partnership that is focused on sustainable solutions with economic feasibility and contributing to a better planet.

Halogen free flame retardant polyolefins: EcoForte® FR
EcoForte® FR is a halogen free flame retardant polyolefin. This product range gives the customer a flame retardant solution with low environmental impact. Through many years of in-house development and cooperation with other industry experts, The EcoForte® team continues to develop Halogen free flame retardant concepts that provide a unique combination of excellent flame retardancy, good mechanical properties and smooth processing.
EcoForte® FR is often used in roofing applications to replace materials such as PVC or bitumen. A good example is the flame retardant artificial thatch.

Our team of experts is continuously focused on developing fit-for-purpose solutions with appropriate economics, facilitated by on-site implementation support. Looking for a sustainable solution? Get in contact! 

ISO 14001
With the ISO 14001 certification we show that we have a long-term commitment to sustainability and the environment. The certification confirms that we run our operations in a way that doesn’t affect the environment adversely. This certification helps to assure our customers that we have an effective environmental management system in place.

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Sustainable solutions of EcoForte®
Sustainable solutions of EcoForte®
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