The Compound Company is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands, next to its main production facilities. 
The Compound Company operates four state-of-the-art production lines with underwater pelletization options and dosing infrastructure that can handle a broad range of powders, minerals, glass and natural fibers, rubbers and liquids as well as impact modifiers.
The Compound Company has 2 product brands: EcoForte® and Yparex®
EcoForte® is a product range of customized thermoplastic compounds and Yparex® is a product range of extrudable adhesive resins. The Compound Company also offers the opportunity of Toll Compounding.
EcoForte® Experts
With a team of more than 10 product and application specialists and 40 years of knowhow, The Compound Company is large enough to offer full service yet small enough to react quickly and address the needs of each individual customer. The team is continuously focused on developing fit-for-purpose solutions with appropriate economics, facilitated by on-site implementation support.